Nike Incyte 2013/2014 Official Match Ball

Nike Incyte

The Nike Incyte 2013/2014 Official ball will be used in Premier League, Primera DivisiĆ³n, Serie A and several other leagues. Nike describes the ball as the scientifically proven worlds best ball.

Nike Incyte features Quicker Reactions, Pure Control, East of the foot and the Supernatural Command technology. There are bright orange details on the Nike 2013-14 Incyte Balls to increase visibility.
  • Nike RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology maximizes the ball’s visibility allowing players to see the ball earlier and react faster.
  • Five-layer construction optimizes the feel of that all-important first touch, allowing the athlete to bring the ball under control quickly and with ease.
  • A high-elasticity layer on the surface allows for a cleaner strike and helps the ball travel with more speed.
  • The micro-textured casing also delivers a more accurate ball trajectory than seen before.

Nike Incyte 2013-14 Ball

  • This is the normal Nike Incyte Ball.
normal or default Nike Incyte ball
Nike Incyte Red

Nike Incyte 2013-14 Premier League Official Match Ball

  • The Incyte 13/14 Premier League Ball comes in White/Purple/Total Orange
Nike Incyte EPL
Nike Incyte Purple

Nike Incyte 2013-14 La Liga / Liga BBVA Official Match Ball

  • The Nike 13/14 Liga BBVA Ball is White/Turqoise/Total Orange.
Nike Incyte La Liga
Nike Incyte Turqoise

Nike Incyte 2013-14 Serie A Official Match Ball

  • The Serie A 2013/14 Ball will be released with White/Blue/Total Orange colors.
Nike Incyte Seria A
Nike Incyte Blue

 ± Nike Incyte ball will be showcased in world's top leagues - as well as the Brasilian league and Turkish Super Lig.

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